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Netflix binge-watcher. Disney nut. Blizzard gamer. Happy nerd. I absolutely love getting overly excited about what I love. Especially food. Other things I love include gaming (worth repeating), funny dog compilation videos, all things pop culture, anime, superheroes, a good pun, and making long lists of things I love. 

The things I love have some things in common: they're epic, meaningful, positive, and quirky. And that's how I try to live my life.

I strive to live epically, doing big things like publishing novels and traveling to far off countries; I try to live meaningfully, making every moment count with family and friends while learning and growing from my experiences; I enjoy live positively, looking at the bright side and finding fun in the everyday; and I can't help but live quirkily, embracing who I am in all my nerdy, geeky ways.

Thanks for reading. I hope you learned a little more about me. Please head over to LinkedIn if you want to find out more about what I'm doing right now: https://www.linkedin.com/in/di...

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Here's my phone number: 626.678.6107

Here's my email address: dianapaz626@gmail.com

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I'm on all the social places. Find me @dianapazwrites - or click the menu area in the upper left corner to find me. I hope you say hi! :) 

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